2016/2017 Edit

L: Lisa Stock
R: Alison Skayhan (USA), Michaela Wessely
S: Katlin Winters (USA), Liis Kullerkann (FIN), Selma Hetmann
P: Antonia Stautz, Natascha Niemczyk, Luise Wolf
A: Macy Ubben (USA), Madleen Piest
T: Manuel Müller

2017/2018 Edit

L: An Saita (JPN)
R: Bailey Nichol (USA), Michaela Wessely
S: Emily Thater (USA), Wivian Gadelha (BRA), Evyn McCoy (USA)
P: Ivana Dinić (SRB), Margaret Casault (CAN), Friederike Brabetz, Annalena Grätz, Paula Mertten, Antonia Greskamp
A: Erika Mercado (ARG), Madleen Piest, Paula Reinisch
T: Jonas Kronseder

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